View Full Version : Any TDI owners hiding in here?

06-05-2011, 12:40 AM
What ya got?

Prince Valiant
06-05-2011, 08:10 AM
Never owned one but looked for 'em twice...once buying the insight and the other time buying the compass.

I was always looking for a wagon w/ manual trans. While shopping for ultimately the insight, there were none at the price point I was looking for...plenty of sedans or worse, new beetles, but no wagons. Found a wagon/5 speed combo when I got the compass, but it was 6,500 more than the compass w/ twice the mileage, similar options, but of course, no AWD (sadly none came that way)...still hemmed and hawed about it a little, but still glad I got the compass.

Still might end up with one...perhaps when we replace the wife's Vibe.

06-05-2011, 08:02 PM
My brother had one, He routinely got 50mpg going to Whitewater and back. He got T-boned up north in it. Everyone, including my grandma made it out OK. He totalled the car (his choice).

06-05-2011, 08:14 PM
Jon at car care depot (site sponsor ) has one and he loves it .

The Shaolin
06-06-2011, 08:11 AM
I drove a 2000 Jetta TDi for the last two years. Technically was the girlfriends...needless to say I don't drive it anymore :/ Awesome cars though.

The Shaolin
06-06-2011, 08:12 AM
700 miles to a tank, awesome roadtrip car, we took it camping in Canada for a week with some mountain bikes on the back. Had a few problems with it not starting this winter but I always got it going again. Diesel 911 for the win!

06-06-2011, 10:28 AM
Friend of mine has an 08 jetta tdi. I am amazed by the fuel efficiency of it, plus it has good power....

06-06-2011, 10:34 AM
Friend of mine has an 08 jetta tdi. I am amazed by the fuel efficiency of it, plus it has good power....

is this someone I know??

06-06-2011, 10:35 AM
is this someone I know??

No. Not referring to the GLI owner we know. I have a friend who has a TDI, in that blue gray color they come in.

09-20-2011, 11:43 AM
I had a crappy 2.0 Jetta as my first car. At the time, I wanted the VR6 although now I'd prefer the TDI. I do like the Touareq TDIs although the older V10 model didn't exactly have great mileage. I don't know what the current one gets though.