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03-28-2011, 07:06 PM
For the do-it-yourselfer, this is a great car. For the salvager, this is a great car. For the person who only does oil changes and brake jobs, this is NOT your car.

I am selling this '95 TransAm:

The good

-It HAS a 2000 LS1 powerplant, 4L60 transmission, and pretty sure the rear end also.
- 2000 WS6 front clip (formula front bumper)
- the drivetrain has 65,000 miles
- 2000 formula white face gauges
- SLP loudmouth exhaust
- leather rear seats and door panels (cloth front)
- Monsoon Sound system
- 17" polished eagle rims (all but one, which is a mismatched rim)
- 98-02 tail lights
- SLP Mass air sensor

Now for some of the bad:

- HORRIBLE paint job. I think someone got drunk and used a case of rustoleum rattle cans on it!
- the car was never completely put back together, plastic panels, etc.
- lost of warning lights are on, ABS, AIR bag, low oil, check engine, service vehicle.. etc. (I think this has something to do with the engine swap, but I've never done an Lt1-Ls1 swap so I don't know what all is involved) - the oil is not low b.t.w. and the pressure is good
- the engine needs a tune up
- the radiator core support has a little crinkle, on the passenger side, and so the previous owner couldn't bolt down the headlight assembly b/c it doesn't then line up with the hood/bumper. (seriously, why would you do this project and not fix the core support)
- It's missing the side skirts
- the front LS1 style bumper is from a formula, so it doesn't match the rear bumper
I think I hit the main points

A lot of the stuff is cosmetic. If you are someone who does body/paint work, and don't mind some puzzling frankenstein project then this car is for you.

I went to autotrader and in a 500 mile radius, there were 344 firebirds, the CHEAPEST LS1 car was $6995, and the cheapest one that had ram air was $9700.

This is a running car, it turns, stops, the lights work... you could go register it and drive it every day... although, it's appearance is a bit embarrassing.
I am asking $4000 / best offer.

03-28-2011, 07:19 PM
added photos

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Ehhh call my cell. 4 one 4 eight 3 nine 4186 Tim. After 9am