View Full Version : Free Microwave, read details inside

03-21-2010, 08:59 PM
I thought that someone may want this before I find a dumpster for it.

We have a Whirlpool over the range microwave and the magnatron went out. So I took it down and we decided to just but a new one.

Im not sure how much a new one would be to get or have it installed. The unit itself has a manufacture date of Jan 2007 so its not old at all. It worked tits up until the magnatron went out.

It is black in color.

If you want it let me know. I work in the Waukesha/Bluemound area and I could meet you somewhere on Hwy18 on my lunch hour somewhere near griffin ford would be best for me.

If I don't get a response from anyone real soon it is going to get smashed and thrown in to a random dumpster!! :rolf