View Full Version : 1995 Grand Prix 4 Sale

02-08-2004, 11:16 PM
4 door - very solid car. Replaced the tranny with used 45000 mile one

New: Alternator : Starter : Battery : Hood : Water Pump : Window Switches ( 100 bucks so YAH im listing it :fire ) : bulbs all around : some other misc ****

235000 miles ALL HWY. Alot of ppl say ALL HWY but this was used to get to work and back - I'm tne 2nd owner. I got it with 233000 miles on it. Car was driven 2 hours to work every morning and 2 hours home every night form previous owner. He stopped driving it when tranny went bad.

Evaluating all offers - Value is around 2500 on KBB. MUST GO