View Full Version : lots of PC stuff

Joe Q.
02-08-2004, 05:46 PM
Well it's almost time for spring cleaning and my wife said its time to empty the boxes-- I've got a bunch of older pc stuff here it goes-- 2 Toshiba 110CS lap tops--16 meg 850 mb hdd one has win 95 the other win 6.2 the 95 setup works great and has 2pcm cards with it the 6.2 the key board dosen't work but you can hook up a keyboard to it as well a serial mouse and it works that way.They both only have floppy drives but are removable to put in cd drives,have an extra battery and power cord and a serial mouse as well. I have a 120 meg superdisk (120 meg floppy) and 7, 120meg floppy's , a 56k V92 USROBOTICS external modem and a Plustek flatbed scanner(will not work with WIN XP!) that also works good.I would like to get $125 for all of it but will part out the stuff-- $50 for the lap tops $60 for the super disks and floppy's $10 for the modem(over $250 new! s--t happens i guess) $10 for the scanner, I also have a 13 inch color monitor, a ps2 mouse and a ps2 keyboard I would through in if somebody wants all the stuff. I'm in West Allis by La Follet park, drop me a line if your interested.