View Full Version : 1983 regal.. cheap, motivated

12-02-2003, 02:52 AM
1300 obo
ok, this is my buddies car, so I know a little about it, but you can call him 608-445-8797... but this is what I know.. its a chevy 350, runs pretty good, good auto trans, shifts nice and firm, but it either needs a stall converter, or a less wicked cam.. no low end... unknown rear end, but is a locker of some sort, very straight... no through rust, I think a couple spots of surface.. but I could be wrong... and if I remember right, the interior is pretty decent.. but I do remember this car is damn solid.. no soft spots at all, no rust on the floors at all... but, any questions, call him, or ask me and I'll ask him... and unless you have a first gen camaro, I don't think he'll take trades, but it don't hurt to ask..