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95 TA - The Beast
11-17-2003, 01:31 PM
Hey guys, I have some extreme high-end, very esoteric amps for sale... The are manufactured by Zed Audio (makers of teh good Hifonics, old school crunch, high-end Nakamichis, etc) and are uber flexible...

(1) ESX Q120.4 amp
(1) ESX Q275.2 amp
(4) ESX Balanced line drivers w/cables

The Q120.4 is in MINT condition.

The Q275.2 is in excellent condition with only a couple of scratches on it.

The balanced line drivers all work great. The amps only need to use 3 balanced line drivers, and really if you slave the sub amp off the 4-channel you can use two, so you have at least 1 or two extra line drivers.

I also have an original ESX owners manual.

Both the Q120.4 and Q275.2 amps are identical in size. These are the MOST flexible amps EVER produced, have awesome clarity and sonics and in general are some of the best out there. They have a ton of power and headroom.

These amps are majorly underrated... the Q275.2 is rated to put out 825w 1 ohm mono and actually puts out >1000w 1 ohm mono... The Q120.4 is rated at 120 x 4 into 4 ohms and I personally tested it to put out just over 170w per channel into 4 ohms...

Like I said these damn things are super configurable and totally top-notch in build, sound and durability... They are tanks and perform like them...


95 TA - The Beast
11-17-2003, 01:33 PM

All ratings are 12v, 20hz-20khz


Both Channels into 4 ohm 275+275w
Both Channels into 2 ohm 400+400w
Bridged into 4 ohm 800w
TRUE MONO into 4 ohms 300w
TRUE MONO into 2 ohms 500w
TRUE MONO into 1 ohm 825w
TRUE MONO/HI V into 4 ohm 450w
TRUE MONO/HI v into 2 ohm 700w

Input Sensitivity 300mv-18v Balanced
Input Sensitivity 150mv-9v Unbalanced
Input Sensitivity 380mv-22.7v Balanced TRUE MONO/HI V
Input Sensitivity 190mv-11.4v Unbalanced TRUE MONO/HI V

Damping Factor 500 @ 20hz

Low pass crossover 50hz-4.2khz @ 12db/oct stereo
Low pass crossover 50hz-4.2khz @ 24db/oct mono

Bass Boost variable 0 to +18db @ 43hz (Qfactor of 9)

416mm long, 73mm high, 232mm wide


Damn there are a TON of modes for this thing... here is the major stuff...

4 channels 4 ohms 120+120+120+120w
4 channels 2 ohms 180+180+180+180w
bridged 8 ohms 240+240w
bridged 4 ohms 360+360w
true mono 4 ohms 150+150w
true mono 2 ohms 240+240w
true mono 1 ohm 360+360w
true mono/Hi V 4 ohms 250+250w
true mono/Hi V 2 ohms 400+400w
monoblock 8 ohms 300w
monoblock 4 ohms 500w
monoblock 2 ohms 720w
monoblock/Hi V 8 ohms 500w
monoblock/Hi V 4 ohms 800w

Input Sensitivity 300mv-16v Balanced
Input Sensitivity 150mv-8v Unbalanced
Input Sensitivity 400mv-21.3v Balanced TRUE MONO/HI V
Input Sensitivity 200mv-10.6v Unbalanced TRUE MONO/HI V

Damping Factor 300 @ 20hz

Low pass crossover 15hz-1.5khz @ 12db/oct
Hi pass crossover 15hz-1.5khz @ 12db/oct

Bass Boost variable 0 to +18db @ 43hz (Qfactor of 9)

Has line out configurable as full-range, crossed over, etc... (ie can use this amp to slave the sub amp but use one of it's crossovers as a subsonsic filter for the sub amp output)

416mm long, 73mm high, 232mm wide

I will only sell as a package, or if I can find buyers for all items.

Asking: $800 shipped for the complete setup. Or if you are local I will take $750...

If interested: dbphelps@darklogic.net

Or you can let me know through the board...