View Full Version : 1998 Z For Sale Less Motor/Trans

11-11-2003, 05:47 PM
1998 Z28
Corbeau Front seats/rear leather
Monsoon CD
16" satin 5-spoke rims/good tires

Around 54k miles

Alright, here's the deal with it. Last October I blew the motor in it and have been working on getting everything back together. I bought a 2000 LS1 longblock warranty takeout motor. I was gonna send this as a core for a built motor, but another opportunity has come about that I would like to take advantage of. The Z would need to go first. Anyways, the motor is on a crate, and the trans is out of the car too. I have everything out of the car needed while doing a motor/trans swap and bolts have been seperated into bags for easy location later on. The car has been through some of the weight reduction process. You can go to my website by clicking HERE to check out what all has been removed. The car has red BMR boxed sfc's on it. I JUST bought the Speed Inc. lightweight carpet(precut). I sold all of the other aftermarket parts for the big turbo buildup. Everything else on the car is stock and I have all stock parts save for the stock torque converter. The car is in good condition except for one spot on the front nose piece at the very bottom/middle. I figure this would be a good opportunity for someone who wanted to build a serious ls1 car to get one at a cheaper price that has the cores for motor and trans and those items were already removed. I honestly have no idea how much this is worth, seeing as I haven't seen someone looking to sell a car in this "condition".


All you need is a motor/trans combo and you'd be set. Still has airbags, stock k-member, heater core in it for those that might want to return it to stock instead of a race car.

11-13-2003, 10:30 PM
haha, i'd take it from ya but i think i might be better off startin with one that has an engine and tranny