View Full Version : Selling all my classic game schtuff

10-12-2003, 05:36 PM
Console w/ one controller (original console)
capicom fighter stick (arcade pad) for nes&snes
game genie
cleaning kit

(2)Original Supermario and duckhunt
super mario bros 2
super mario bros 3
doctor mario
ultra teenage mutant ninja turtles
burger time
double dribble
yoshis cookie
mickie mousecapade
kurbie's adventure

original console
3 controllers
2 snes cleaning kit
game genie
(arcade stick that works with both)
super nintendo mouse
gameboy game adapter
yoshies cookie
yoshies island
super mario world
super mario kart
sim city
battle toads and battle maniacs
donkey kong country
donkey kong country 2
WWF super wrestle mania
mega man X
head on soccer
nfl quarterback club
urban strike
mario paint

console w/ 3 controllers w/ one memory card
mortal kombat trilogy
perfrect dark
goldeneye 007
duke nukem 64

Playstation 1 (original)
-2 controllers
no games

gamestop wants to ass rape me on them, so I figure if I can get ~150 for everything itd be cool... thats what everything on ebay is going for. Hell gamestop charges like $50 for super nintendo and NES... thats $100 right there. I have boxes for some of the N64 games for people that want to collect them. :wow