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2012 Michigan State Police Test Results

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Every year I try to post the results...even without the Crown Vic's, there is still a variety of cars from all the manufactures:

The cars in alphabetical order:

Chevy Caprice v6
Chevy Caprice v8 *
Dodge Charger v6 2.65 gears *
Dodge Charger v6 3.07 gears*
Dodge Charger v8 2.65 gears
Dodge Charger v8 3.06 gears
Ford Taurus v6 FWD
Ford Taurus Turbo v6 AWD

*Denotes e85 compatibility



Dodge Charger v8 3.06 gears--- 5.83 sec
Chevy Caprice v8---------------5.91 sec
Ford Taurus Turbo v6 AWD------5.92 sec
Dodge Charger v6 2.65 gears---5.95 sec
Chevy Caprice v6---------------7.65 sec
Dodge Charger v6 3.07 gears---7.66 sec
Ford Taurus v6 FWD------------7.77 sec
Dodge Charger v6 2.65 gears---7.93 sec


Dodge Charger v8 3.06 gears---13.65 sec
Dodge Charger v6 2.65 gears---14.01 sec
Chevy Caprice v8--------------14.14 sec
Ford Taurus Turbo v6 AWD-----14.50 sec
Chevy Caprice v6--------------18.30 sec
Dodge Charger v6 3.07 gears---19.18 sec
Ford Taurus v6 FWD-----------19.68 sec
Dodge Charger v6 2.65 gears---20.18 sec

Top Speed

Chevy Caprice v8--------------154 mph
Dodge Charger v8 2.65 gears---152 mph
Dodge Charger v8 3.06 gears---151 mph
Ford Taurus Turbo v6 AWD-----148 mph
Chevy Caprice v6--------------147 mph
Dodge Charger v6 3.07 gears---141 mph
Dodge Charger v6 2.65 gears---141 mph
Ford Taurus v6 FWD-----------130 mph

Distance to Stop

Chevy Caprice v8-------------125.8 ft
Chevy Caprice v6-------------126.2 ft
Dodge Charger v6-------------127.0 ft
Dodge Charger v8-------------129.9 ft
Ford Taurus v6 FWD-----------131.0 ft
Ford Taurus Turbo v6 AWD-----131.7 ft

Lap Time(Gratten Speedway)

Dodge Charger v8 2.65 gears---1:34.39
Dodge Charger v8 3.06 gears---1:35.42
Ford Taurus Turbo v6 AWD-----1:35.85
Chevy Caprice v8--------------1:36.84
Dodge Charger v6 3.07 gears---1:37.57
Dodge Charger v6 2.65 gears---1:37.71
Chevy Caprice v6--------------1:37.87
Ford Taurus v6 FWD-----------1:39.63

Gas Mileage(in alphabetical order since the data is incomplete)

Chevy Caprice v6---------------17/24
Chevy Caprice v8 *-------------TBA
Dodge Charger v6 2.65 gears *--19/26
Dodge Charger v6 3.07 gears*---TBA
Dodge Charger v8 2.65 gears----16/25
Dodge Charger v8 3.06 gears----TBA
Ford Taurus v6 FWD------------TBA
Ford Taurus Turbo v6 AWD------TBA

* denotes e85 compatibility

There are more vehicles out there, of course...Tahoe's, Explorers, Durango's all have police packages too. I just limited the data to the "typical" cars we're likely to see on the roads, plus the others weren't put through many of the same test.
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