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  1. Ey remember when you cranked my trans psi to max--yeeeah I need you to change it back --I have broke 4 pumps and a converter hub on the last one.Rossler told me its because of too much line psi on the pump rotor this is before I told them it was cranked up--their first words were too much line psi -I broke 4 rotors a pump slider and the last one fractured my converter hub right where it drives the pump on both sides this is costing me a fortune--they claim the zpak 3-4 clutch pack automaticly will increase it under WOT 3-4 because it has a x-tra plate.Now that I know what it is,I gotta get it fixed--The car is ready again I just am afraid to drive it because it will break the rotor in 2 weeks of driving it this way.Its like friggen clock work --Get back to me 262-305-7149
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