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  1. You sob!!!
  2. Thanks man!

    We tried to go a little later in the afternoon but the wait at the launch was a min. of 1.5 hour due to the 'Lake Beulah tie-up'.
    Went to potters lake instead and did o.k. considering not even knowing the lake at all. Probably would have been a good day for beulah. Oh well....theres always next time.

    BTW... clean out your fvckin P.M.'s!!
  3. son of bish
  4. U r g a y
  5. Fvck your couch!
  6. For the last time....
  7. 2WD Hemi Ram with mud/all terrains =
  8. Btw...It's a 4x4 you fucktard.
  9. 2wd hemi ram FTL
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