View Full Version : FS: 351W and associated parts

04-11-2005, 06:31 PM
I need to unload my project motor (the project that never happened).

It's a 351W out of a '94 Lightning.
Roller block (pre drilled).
It was pulled from the truck in perfect working order. (previous owner wanted bigger)

Includes block, rotating assy, oil pump, oil pump drive shaft, pick up, cam, lifters (flat tappet), push rods, timing chain, front cover, balancer and 28oz-in flex plate (and stock Lightning oil pan).
Heads are the GT40s from the Lightning and the stock stamped rockers and valve covers (and stock Lightning headers).
Intake is a 351W GT40 lower w/ a Cobra upper. Also comes w/ a throttle body.

Perfect for someone that just wants to toss a 351W in their car. (you'll need a Fox swap oil pan, dist out of an F150 and Fox swap headers and that's about it.) This was my plan all along. Then my eyes got bigger. Then I ran out of time. Now I need to unload the thing. Looks like my poor car is going to go through another year of no fun.

I'm looking to get what I have into the entire mess of parts: $1175

I would really like to unload it all to one person. I don't have the time to mess around selling the individual parts. But if I were to break it up:

Shortblock (and all the extras): $450
Heads: $400
Intake & TB: $325

Parts are in Appleton, WI.
Email: go_boilers@hotmail.com
Let me know if you're interested....