View Full Version : a833 problems

05-19-2015, 11:01 AM
Hi everyone new member here

I have an A833 I just swapped out for another a833, both 1968 date code, same ratio non OD boxes.

The old transmission was a crash box the new one apparently will be one soon lol

Ok I have a hurst super competition shifter, with their rods and levers.

Problem im having is 2 fold. 1, reverse is SUPER hard to get into. It gets into the gear fine with no clunks/grinds, but to move it into the gear (push shifter forward torward gear) is super hard. Like strength test hard. Ok now ive verified the linkage isnt the issue (removed arms, shifted with wrench on the transmission) so its not my shifter. Second problem, everytime I use reverse, 2nd gear grinds. It might grind just once, or it might grind 6x then stop and shift fine. Ive quadruple checked the transmission is physically in nuetral and all my shifter gates line up with the pin thru the shifter.

Im absolutely positive my shifter linkage is correct, and lining up with nuetral.

The "new" transmission I bought off craigslist and i removed the sidecover beforehand and everything looked brand new, the guy had receipts that proved it was rebuilt and i believe him.

I should add, I can "feel" the reverse detent ball, 1-2, and 3-4 detent balls are all there and functioning when using a wrench. Ive gone thru my shifter @ replaced all my bushings and checked the linkage about 10 times with the pin in the shifter.

I realize there's something wrong in the transmission, but is there anything I can try or im overlooking before remove the transmission from the car?