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Prince Valiant
09-02-2010, 01:04 PM
...looks MUCH better than the old one: (btw, don't know what the deal is on the
"citadel" on the side)



Room for up to 8. Standard engine is 3.6 290hp v6 which in 2wd form should return
16/23, 4wd 16/22. The Hemi v8 will be available, rated for 360hp, returning 14/21
(2wd) and 13/20 4WD.

V6's will have a stout for a v6 tow-rating of 6,200lbs...v8's 7,400.

09-02-2010, 01:13 PM
Looks much better, i almost kind of like it.

My sister has a 09 Durango, and I HATE that thing, feels cheap and feels too much like a truck.

09-02-2010, 01:20 PM
Still Chrysler crap...lol.

Plum Crazy
09-02-2010, 01:34 PM
there are a couple pics on the Dodge.com website. Hopefully it will have a FUNCTIONAL 3rd row, unlike the Commander.

09-02-2010, 05:31 PM
I like em. Yet, I'm kind of a dodge fan boy!


09-02-2010, 05:58 PM
that grill ain't workin for me

09-02-2010, 06:24 PM
feally like that! I hope the middle row has a walkthrough. it sucked with small kids to try to get in the back of that thing and gas mileage used to SUCK! Nice to see it MIGHT actually get close to 20mpg hwy.

09-02-2010, 10:17 PM
It looks more like a crossover vehicle and less like an SUV!

Prince Valiant
09-03-2010, 11:17 AM
It looks more like a crossover vehicle and less like an SUV!It shares it's platform with the all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee...which, as the XJ (cherokee), ZJ, WJ, WK (last three Grand Cherokee), KJ (Liberty) were all unibodies.

Like the all new jeep, it's a RWD based platform w/ North/South engine alignment unlike most cross-overs.

It's not that you won't see "cross-over" or "CUV" used in describing the durango...but I generally would reject that descriptive for the vehicle...why? Because the term "crossover" is used to describe car or minivan based platforms built to approximate an SUV. In the case of the durango and Jeep, there is no car based vehicle it can be said to share a platform with nor derived from.

09-03-2010, 12:06 PM
Actually looks pretty good. Pretty impressive tow ratings for something on a unibody!

09-03-2010, 05:21 PM
is it still going to get 10mpg empty?

Prince Valiant
10-07-2010, 12:05 PM
Interior shots released today:


10-06-2011, 04:28 PM
They are talking about an SRT version that looked pretty sweet!

10-06-2011, 08:21 PM
dang, whats with bringing up threads a year old?

10-07-2011, 06:34 AM
I've seen the SRT version with flat black fascias, it is pretty sweet.

10-07-2011, 11:19 AM
dang, whats with bringing up threads a year old?

Just signed up for the forum and it was a VERY Slow day at work!