View Full Version : 1987 GN- 55,000 miles- $13,000

09-04-2003, 01:42 PM

I am testing the waters to see about selling 1987 GN. E-mail if your interested and I also have some pictures upon request.

E-MAIL: fiveltrklr@yahoo.com

Here is about the car:
All original hardtop car with the black and gray interior. No rips, tears, stains, nothing! Also has very "COLD" Air, Stereo with cassette, Rear Defogger, Tilt, PS and PB, manual locks and windows, has the posi-rearend(G80). Everything works perfect!

Now the exterior has some cracking in paint on the hood and top of car (typical GM original paint) otherwise is mint. The car has always been stored and was not driven for the last three years. Overall this is a GREAT looking car and shows it has low miles. The car was purchased brand new and was owned by this gentlemen for the last 16-years.

Also the car has never been tampered with. The only thing that is not original is the spark plugs wires, tires, and has the radiator flush connection by heater control valve.

The asking price is: $13,000

Car is located in: MILWAUKEE, WI

09-04-2003, 02:23 PM
Which wheels does it have??? the chrome steel wheels or the T- type style alluminums?? I have a serious mother f***ing itch to own a turbo car !!! At least its still bone stock yet and isnt some elses tuning nightmare. Any pics of the car avail??

Tom B

09-04-2003, 03:24 PM

Give me a call if you are interested! I also have some pictures if you want me to e-mail them to you???

Here is my number and call about 5:30....414-429-3838

09-05-2003, 01:24 PM
Tom I did not hear from you....I take you are not interested? Let me know if you are though.

09-05-2003, 01:32 PM
Im intrested but i do not have that kinda cash handy at this point.
it wouldnt be until at least October becasue if my parents sell they Yenko as planned ill get my portion out of it that i had put twoards it and that would put the cash in my hand for the car.

If its still around then i will be seriously intrested, but dont hold the car on account of me at this point :) Im sure the owner wants a good home for it and wants it to go to an enthusiast not some little punk who will destroy it. So the car would be promised a good home if i were to buy it. But money talks :)

Tom B

09-05-2003, 03:56 PM
Hey Tom,

I might be out and about tonight in my other GN if you want to talk about the GN that is for sale? Give a call and we can meet up somewhere. I might go to Mc Donalds on 76st Good Hope. There has been some talk and I might have to show up there with my GN tonight.